Vidya Valley North Point has been started by Mrs. Nalini Sengupta, the founder and Principal of Vidya Valley School.


Vidya Valley North Point School

Prospectus for Admissions - June 2020 - 2021

VidyaValley North Point is run by Mrs.Nalini Sengupta and the management of Vidya Valley School.

We aim for the same high standards in education and extracurricular activities for which Vidya Valley (in Sus Village) is famous. Those standards can only be achieved with the whole-hearted cooperation and involvement of the parents.

Affiliation: We have recognition to the Maharashtra Government.

ICSE: In future we plan to apply for recognition with the ICSE board. However, that affiliation is confirmed only once the school has an Standard Eight.

The school will follow the syllabus laid down by the ICSE board

Classes to Start in 3rd week of June 2020

Age Limits for admission:

  • Jr KG: 4 yrs to 5 years
  • Sr. KG: 5 yrs to 6 years
  • Std 1: 6 years to 7 Years
  • Std 2: 7 years to 8 years.
All cut-off dates are 30th July, 2020.

Older Children: We can consider slightly older children for admission. Please make an application for deviation.
Younger Children: Please do NOT write to us for deviation.

  • Not peculiar. Normal.
  • we have been listening to educationists and child-specialists,
  • we have been referring to systems in good institutions in India and abroad
  • we are guided by the Supreme Court of India

A child should be OVER 4 years before being admitted to a school. (And OVER 6 years before starting formal education in Std 1)
So, a child should be 4 years by 1st of July. This age criterion is a guideline for us and for the admission committee.
Four and a Half years will be the median age. There will be children from four to five years in the class.

The Kindergarten children get in to school at 9:15. Their day starts at 9:30. It ends at 3:00 pm.

We will have 25 to 30 children in each class from KG to Std 3. Each class has one class teacher (and no assistant teachers). There are Maushi s to help all the children of kindergarten.

My child has already gone to nursery. If you don't give admission then she/he will lose a year !!

This is the most usual statement we hear and our reaction is always the same: Lose!! Lose where? That is a very inappropriate word. And completely wrong.

Your child will do better throughout life if you do not hurry. Let the child mature normally. Any child can be taught to read and write. But physical and emotional maturity only comes with age.

This is a problem in many parts of India - some of it caused by schools and some because of impatient parents, worried and anxious about getting their child into a good school.

Vidya Valley North Point is trying to stick to all the good practices. If enough good schools accept the guidelines set by Educationists and Courts then this problem of underage schooling will be curbed

No. Children bring breakfast from home. But we do provide a good lunch all school days.

We will definitely have Indian music, Western Music and Art as part of our class. Children will also have games and physical education. We believe that Curricular and co-curricular should be 50 - 50 in the small classes.

We are sure you have lots of questions. Do see the website of Vidya Valley ( . We plan to run North Point along the same lines, with the same philosophy. Of course Vidya Valley is over eighteen years old.